I'm Dominik, and I'm a photographer based out of Nuernberg Germany. My work is focusing on Adventure, Landscape and Street Photography. 

As I was 25 my wife bought a DSLR Camera as a present for my Bachelors graduation, since then I was addicted to photography. My camera was basically always in my bag and tried to learn to take better images every day. From this moment on I've invested countless hours to learn and understand everything around photography and started to invest more and more into my gear. 

Photographing in the outdoor environment is my main passion so I´m shooting most of the time Landscape and Adventure photos like Climbing, Hiking, Surfing or Mountain Biking. It is always my goal to inspire the viewer and portray the feeling of the experience in that moment. 

I would like to work with outdoor brands and people who share my passion for adventures. If you are feeling inspired and have any project in mind that you want to have photographed, reach out. 

All pictures in my Portfolio are available as prints. 

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